Ben's Tips

Draining and Cleaning

Preparing for freezing weather

About this time of year you should start thinking about draining and cleaning your TurboKOOL in anticipation of the cold or freezing weather to come. You will want to make sure the circular tray and the float valve tray are both empty, and the water line from the main water supply leading to the cooler is drained and possibly blown clear.

To drain the 1/4” supply line in preparation for cold weather, first close the shutoff valve from your pressurized supply line. Then loosen the 1/4” compression nut at the shut-off valve, removing the 1/4” line and allow it to drain into a paper cup.

Next remove the 4 screws securing the hood and remove the hood. Remove the 3 screws that hold the motor mount assembly to the body. (Be very careful not to misplace the 6 rubber motor mount bushings. Note the sequence - the bushing with the metal washer is on top and goes washer side up).

Gently turn the motor assembly over and lay to the side. You can now reach inside and remove the two thumb screws, allowing you to remove the baffle ring. At this point you may also wish to remove and replace (or clean) the filter. With the filter and the baffle ring out, you can now clean out all the dust and pollen that has been removed from the air by the filter element. A sponge works well to remove the water.

Once clean and dry, you can now reassemble your cooler so you don’t misplace and lose any of the screws or parts like I do with nearly everything!ng your TurboKOOL