1. Try switches at all speeds in both directions.
2. Check wire connections at switches, resistors, at wire nuts and at power supply.
3. Check fuse and charge level of battery.
4. If installed on trailer and operated on vehicle battery, check if inner connection correct.
5. With speed switch in OFF position, remove hood. Rotate fan by hand to check for interference with venturi opening, filter, pump rubbing on bottom of baffle or motor frozen.
6. Check for mineral/salt deposits in and around mechanical parts such as fan blade, spin-spray pump and water cup.


1. If no air flow, check above items 1 thru 5.
2. Check water level, water supply lines and valve.
3. Check filter and pump. If dirty, clean as directed under maintenance.
4. Check to see pump cone tip is submerged in water and check 1/2 - 3/4" clearance between end of pump cone and bottom of circular waterpan.
5. If water depth is less than 3/4" - 1" depress float and observe if water is flowing thru the valve. Refer to Item 5, "Adjustment Procedures" on Page 9 to reset.
6. Check filter for mineral/salt deposits that can cause the filter to perform very poorly.


1. Check fan blades and pump cone, rotating by hand. Note whether fan blades are broken or if cone set screw is loose. Are fan blades hitting filter or edge of venturi opening?
2. Check for loose screws, loose or deteriorated rubber motor mounting bushings. Replace if needed.
3. Excessive mineral/salt deposits can cause imbalance in the fan blades and the spin-spray pump - in turn, creating a vibration. 


1. Check to make sure your unit is mounted on a portion of the roof level with the ground.
2. Check water level in unit. In Installation Manual refer to Item 5, "Adjustment Procedures," on Page 9 for float valve adjustment.
3. Also see "Notes to Keep in Mind" on Pg 6.


1. Check items listed under Water Leakage above.
2. If rate of water consumption is not due to a leak but instead only during operation, remember, your TurboKOOL is providing cooling effect in proportion to the water consumed. Under conditions of high temperatures and low humidity, more water is used.
3. Severe driving conditions, such as rough roads or sharp turns cause excessive action of the float valve and allows the unit to overfill. See item 12 in Installation Instructions. (See How TurboKOOL Works.) 

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